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Bikram yoga: the yoga with heat that heals

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The real change in our lives must come from within. We will learn to be aware of each of our thoughts to observe them, and from within to transform them. In this way we will train our mind to bring it to a state of peace and calm.
The systematic practice of yoga, through its physical postures (asanas), strengthens all systems of the body: cardiovascular, nervous, muscular, respiratory and digestive, positively influencing both our physical and emotional.
If you want to deepen your yoga practice or simply treat yourself to a weekend of relaxation to eliminate daily stress and improve your personal development, we offer you our workshops and retreats.
Relaxation is not just about tranquility or enjoying a hobby. It is a process that reduces the effects of stress on your mind and body. We will learn how through breathing we can reach a state of relaxation.
Meditation is the art of calming and focusing the mind. The goal is to achieve emotional balance and inner peace. You will learn the tools (mantras) to connect with your inner peace, as well as the posture of meditation, conscious breathing and mental relaxation.

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“Give me 30 days and I change your body, give me 60 days and I change your life” – Bikram Choudhury 700 meters of wellness: Yoga with heat and without heat, Meditation, Yoga Kids, Hipopresivos, Workshops, Events, Therapies and Training.
We inform you that from September 1st we will proceed to the activation of the vouchers (direct debits and vouchers per class) frozen since March 15th until now. This means that, as of September 1st, the direct debit will be passed on to the customers who had the monthly bonus with direct debit and the expiration period of the class bonuses will begin to be discounted (in September, half of the direct debit will be passed on, since the Alarm State began on March 15th).
– In the event that 24 people have already reserved the class and the capacity limit has been reached, if you write or call to reserve, you will be put on a waiting list in case one of the 24 fails.
once you enter the center. Don’t worry, because in the room there will be marks on the floor to put your mat, and we have made sure that there is that 1.5m distance in all directions.

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