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Yoga and meditation teacher, I believe powerfully in the need to create spaces to encourage mindfulness and cultivate our body and spirit. yoga is a practice that unites, so no matter the age or experience you haveCollado VillalbaYoga With yoga practices you will find a space to connect your body, to improve your physical condition, your ability to relax, your body and your mind…..
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Vinyasa (dynamic yoga) class 3 with alicia ortuño

With YOGATHERAPY33 I have developed a therapeutic method directed especially to the physical and corporal health of women, to empower them from within, through a specific type of personalized yoga that includes Ayurvedic solutions and advice.
I propose to embrace the healing energy of mother earth through an integral work of care that pays attention to the body, to the movements, to the health and the physical and spiritual nutrition of the feminine universe.
More informationIn the session I help the mobilization of the asanas with hatha and kundalini yoga advising and channeling in each different process that corresponds to each woman who is doing the practice.
In the sessions I work mainly to tone and strengthen in depth the pelvic floor and spine, which will result in a perception throughout the session the unblocking and work at a spiritual level.

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I teach private yoga classes at home. They are totally personalized classes, of an hour and a half, hatha vinyasa style. In them, we work with the fluid movement of the body, always coordinated with the breath. They are dynamic yoga classes based on the fundamentals of yoga, and adapted to the particular situation of each student, because yoga adapts to each person, not the other way around.
I am a hatha yoga teacher since 2012, currently and since 2016 I teach at go-Fit vallehermoso. There I also trained as a teacher of pilates and hipopresivos. Any questions or queries you can contact me.
Hundreds of professionals of Yoga classes at home located in Collado Villalba and surroundings will receive a notice with your request and those who show interest will contact you, offering you a budget and personalized rates for Yoga classes at home.
I am interested in starting in the world of yoga. I live in the navata, so teachers in the area with local or own yoga room and that are well connected by train, bus or walking (I have no car) would be perfect for me, I do not mind moving to other areas.

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