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The mindfulness workshops and activities related to mindfulness and psychology will continue in person with a third of the capacity, and compliance with all safety regulations. Our yoga center in Salamanca has optimal characteristics, such as natural cross ventilation in the room, with 4 large windows, two on each side. It is mandatory to wear a mask.
We teach classes in our yoga and meditation center in Salamanca and online classes. We have implemented a maximum capacity of 12 people in face-to-face classes, with all the protocols of ventilation and cleanliness.

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BEGINNER PROGRAMYou will learn this ancient practice from scratch. Laying a good foundation of yoga and meditation. With in-person, personalized and individual classes just for you. Also ONLINE
COMPLETE COURSE YOGA AND MEDITATIONIn this complete course of yoga and meditation you will find all the tools to practice at home. To perform yoga safely and with a school dedicated body and soul to yoga.
When someone practices yoga sincerely, the effects will occur at different levels: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.    We want to dedicate time to the conscious presence of our own body. And from this, to reach another depth, to that state of peace that we all carry inside… to be a little bit happier.  «In yoga three very important things must always be united in everything: love, knowledge and action.»  B.K.S. Iyengar. Yoga teacher
Our philosophy is to bring you closer. To bring yoga closer to your life. From working with our body, opening the doors wide open to consciousness, to meditation… What will you find in our classes? «Yoga is the practice of silencing the mind.»                  Patanjali. Great sage of Yoga

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02Organize your private yoga classes in SalamancaSpeak with your yoga teacher to indicate your needs and your availability. Schedule your yoga classes and pay for them safely from your email. Practicing yoga in Salamanca has never been so easy.
03Live new experiences and open your chakrasThe incredible «Student Pass» gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and Yoga courses in Salamanca, in other cities or remotely for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.

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Shared family timeNurtures and strengthens emotional bonds through quality family time.Psychomotor skills and coordinationInvites to discover, experiment and acquire psychomotor skills and abilities, promoting body control and coordination.AffectivityDeepens fundamental emotional aspects that enhance self-confidence and self-confidence.Intellectual restlessnessArouses curiosity that helps to acquire new knowledge, to reason and to be critical.

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