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francesc torralba: thinking is a revolutionary act

Everything that seemed solid vanishes. The political, social, economic, religious and cultural world falls apart, but what emerges is formless, chaotic, difficult to pinpoint, precisely because it is emerging. Traditional values are breaking down, the beliefs that had sustained our ancestors in the critical moments of their lives are vanishing and the social structure is mutating into unknown forms. The same happens with political, social, cultural and religious ideals and certainties; however, we need maps or cultural cartographies to orient ourselves, to know where we are and what is happening; because only by knowing the scenario can one determine oneself and understand one’s place in the world and one’s role in society. This is the purpose that drives this wise text: to diagnose the cultural and social humus of our time; in a universe as volatile as ours, it makes even more sense to ask ourselves how it is possible to reach the serenity or the inner source to harbor a minimum of animic tranquility and survive in the era of uncertainty.

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new book by francesc miralles: ‘everything will be all right’.

The main objective of this essay – the result of an Interdisciplinary Seminar on hospitality, organized by the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God (Province of St. Raphael) – is to think about the value of hospitality. Hospitality is a key value in our world to guarantee coexistence and harmony. The future of Western societies depends to a large extent on the real articulation of this value of hospitality.
The terrible events that took place on September 11, 2001 in New York can certainly be described as historic. This essay offers a suggestive and profound reflection on the many questions raised by these events, especially with regard to education. What does the fall of the Twin Towers have to do with educational practice? How can a phenomenon of this magnitude affect the transmission of knowledge, skills and values?….
Francesc Torralba, Professor at the Universitat Ramon Llull, explores the suspicions sustained by Marx, Nietzsche and Freud, whom Paul Ricoeur identifies as the masters of suspicion . Torralba says, Philosophy is a curious activity, not a tonic, because its goal is to make one think. These three great philosophers make us think by posing substantive questions that nobody, not even a Christian, can avoid. In this essay, the questions of these three thinkers are analyzed with the intent of disclosing the degree of truth that each one holds. The book is complemented with counterpoints from Norbert Bilbeny, Francisco Fernandez Buey and Andres Sanchez Pascual.

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conferences and book presentations

Francesc Torralba Roselló (Barcelona, 1967) holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona (1993) and a PhD in Theology (1997) from the Faculty of Theology of Catalonia. He is currently Professor of Philosophy at the University Ramon Llull and researcher member of the Borja Institute of Bioethics. A specialist in the work of Soeren Kierkegaard, he has published more than thirty essays of a philosophical, ethical and anthropological nature on various topics. His publications include Antropología del cuidar (1998), Filosofía de la medicina (2001), Ética del cuidar (2002), Sobre la hospitalidad (2003) and Kierkegaard en el laberinto de las máscaras (2003).

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spiritual intelligence in practice with david fischman

On Thursday, April 10, 2014, at 7.30 pm, the activity ‘Brain, spirituality and mysticism’ was held as part of the Pedralbes Dialogues cycle. The speakers were Ramon M. Nogués, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education Sciences of the UAB, and Francisco Rubia, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCM. They were introduced and moderated by Francesc Torralba, PhD in Philosophy and Theology, Professor of Philosophy at the URL. The event took place at the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes. [+]