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Good morning. I am enrolled in Pilates at Tierra Clínica (C / Monasterio de Suso y Yuso, between the two Mercadonas). It is given by a very good physiotherapist who is very attentive to how we do the exercises. The classes are for a maximum of 5 people. They let me try a class for free. I am passing you the contact: 91 473 12 45. I hope it is what you are looking for.
Hello everyone, from October will open a new center in Montecarmelo, Biofisio, specializing in physiotherapy, pilates, hypopressive gymnastics, postpartum, biomechanics of cycling and running, and training groups for running, cycling and triathlon. The initiative comes from physiotherapists specialized in these sports that will adapt to all levels.for more info [email protected] Greetings!!!
As they have free entry vouchers, it is not uncommon to find that one day there is overbooking in your class and you have no place to put yourself. Even more so if your class is in the second classroom which is tiny and can only fit 5-6 people in tetris style.

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In pregnancy, physical activity is essential and very beneficial. It helps to avoid overweight, diabetes and hypertension, enhances muscle strength and flexibility, improves breathing and blood circulation, relieves discomfort such as lumbago or sciatic nerve pressure. In addition, physical activity helps to tolerate childbirth better and accelerates the recovery process.
Health program with a rehabilitative and preventive approach, which takes advantage of the physical properties of the aquatic environment, aimed at compensating and treating deviations of the spine, or any other affected segment.
From 1st to 6th grade of primary school (Groups by age). Max 12 students. (60 minutes) Because we believe in the importance of physical activity for our students and the benefits of an aquatic activity we have specific programs for seniors. We will work daily and depending on the age and level of the student swimming styles.
Both in person and remotely we develop training plans customized to your requirements and focused on your goals. Discover the most efficient way to reach your goals with our team of qualified coaches.

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Sun:ClosedFri:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h00Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h00Wed:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h00Thurs:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h00Sex:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h00Sat:ClosedHoliday:Closed
Sun:ClosedFri:07h00 – 12h00 | 14h00 – 21h00Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 14h00 – 21h00Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 14h00 – 21h00Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 14h00 – 21h00Sex:07h00 – 12h00 | 14h00 – 21h00Sat:ClosedHoliday:Closed
Sun:ClosedFri:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h30Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h30Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h30Thurs:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h30Sex:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h00 – 21h30Sat:08h00 – 12h00Holiday:Closed
Sun:ClosedFri:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h30 – 20h30Tue:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h30 – 20h30Wed:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h30 – 20h30Thurs:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h30 – 20h30Sex:07h00 – 12h00 | 15h30 – 20h30Sat:ClosedHoliday:Closed

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