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Welcome to AviluzI hope this space will serve you as a refuge, to reconnect with your being, where you can be yourself and recover and maintain your physical, mental and energetic health.Groups and Schedules1st Class FreeFree First ClassFree First Class! Love, life and lightDon’t forget to bring an open heart, ready to enjoy and live an unforgettable experience and learn to live a fuller and more coherent life.Groups and Schedules1st Class FreeFirst Class Free!Yoga, pilates, meditation…We are sure that if you come to try we will make you fall in love, so if you feel like starting to practice, do not hesitate, come to know us.Groups and Schedules1st Class Free
We practice all the disciplines you need to feel good inside and out. The benefits of yoga are innumerable and practicing it helps us to find balance in body and mind.
In our classes, all kinds of people have their space, as we adapt to the needs and level of practice of each student and improve our quality of life and the benefits are much greater.

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YOGA. ENSANCHE DE VALLECASFisioterapia T-cuida is a center where yoga classes are taught, in Ensanche de Vallecas, Madrid, where they have professionals specialized in the method. Classes are held in small groups of 5-6 people maximum. The practice of yoga is recommended for physical and mental well-being. It is an ancient discipline that cares for and strengthens the body and mind, integrating physical exercises, breathing, relaxation and meditation that benefits all body systems, improving helps to balance energy and calm the of the styles of yoga we practice is Hatha Yoga, which is the basis of other styles of yoga and the most practiced in the West. The postures are done slowly and with smooth transitions to achieve a stable posture, health and flexibility. Hatha Yoga can be practiced at any age since the asanas can be adapted to all levels and is ideal for those who want to start practicing this activity.the benefits of yoga are:-Strengthens and tones the body-Provides agility and flexibility-Care for your back and joints-Free the body of tensions-Eliminates toxins-Balances the nervous system-Increases lung capacity-Improves concentration-Reduces stress.

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